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The apology you didn’t get.

How do you deal with an apology you never received, but you know you deserve?

Are you held hostage by hurt feelings over a difficult person, or a situation from the past? It’s very easy to do.
 “Forgiveness is the economy of the heart…forgiveness saves the expense of anger, the cost of hatred, the waste of spirits.” ~Hannah More

Forgiveness sets the prisoner free. The prisoner is YOU.

prison 1

The words.The accident.The abandonment. The abuse. The cheating. The lies. The firing. The eviction. The divorce. The ego. The quitting. The depression. The running. The not trying. The judgement. The losing. The stunt. The audacity. The other woman. The other man. The double-cross. The favorite. The unfairness. The agony. The Church. The death. The addiction. The pride. The past. The selfishness. The withhold. The timing. The government. Life…..

You are right. You have a right to feel what you feel.
Why? Because they are your feelings. Sometimes- they just HAPPEN. But… how long you stay there, how long you marinade in that feeling…of anger (which is actually just a mask for big hurt and pain…) THAT my friend is up to you.

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”~Mahatma Gandhi

So, accept an apology you never got. Take your power back. Receive it- from him, her, that, it, them… or whatever. Let it go. Let you go. It’s your pain, so you can release it. No matter what happens on the other end, you do what you can control. That’s it.

The Gathering Choose in

“Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.”~Colossians 3:13

You can grant forgiveness, as you’ve probably been forgiven too.

Isn’t it ironic? Maybe someone is reading this RIGHT NOW, and thinking of something YOU said or did, or didn’t say or do that you should have…. Maybe it’s that same someone YOU need to forgive as well.


Life is short. Time to let go, and love right where we are, with what and who we have NOW. Tomorrow will be great, starting with a great NOW that you choose in this moment.


“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

Let us begin…

Many Blessings,
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5 things my Dog taught me about Business

Dogs are amazing. They innately know some things that we as Leaders deserve to observe and implement about business, and people.

5) If you smell, it’s time for a bath.

Black pug in hoodie on a white background

Good hygiene and grooming are very important in business. No matter what business you are in, you need to avoid offending people with how you look or smell. Every business has a dress code or culture to follow with great variances. But whatever that code is, be the best in your field. For Leaders and Business Owners wanting to gain clients, there are some keys to your best look:

~ Keep Hair clean, cut and up to date on style. (if you don’t know, go to a salon that knows and get them to help you or at least affirm or debate what you think is a good style/cut)

~ Clothes should ALWAYS, in all ways, be clean, pressed, and be the right SIZE. (when you gain or lose weight, get the new size. Tight on cash? Go thrifting or Ebaying for great deals)

~ Shoes always need to be polished, by you or someone. (unpolished shoes send all kinds of negative messages to your boss, clients etc)

~ Shower daily. Yep.

~ Teeth & breath need to be clean. (if you smoke and or drink coffee, brush after or use a mint or mouthwash please)

4) If you bark loudly and/or often, you will struggle with people- often.

As an extroverted person myself, I learned this important lesson: There is a difference between your inside voice and your outside voice. (If you don’t know what I mean, get a coach or mentor to explain)    🙂

3) Forgiveness is King.

dog kid

Forgiveness allows the relationship to reset endlessly, love unconditionally, and your tail to wag frequently.

We all make mistakes. It’s called being human. Let 99% roll off, and work out the rest. Save your energy for your work goals… avoid the drama!

2) Train them up in the way they should go.

Dogs act exactly how their owner trains them to. So do people. Be accountable as a Manager, Leader or Business Owner. Train them correctly, support them adequately, and they will succeed. If they don’t, they need more training and support, perhaps more than just by you. Bring in a neutral, objective Business and Life Coach. (*Hint- if your whole team is not acting as you would like them to, it’s not the individuals, it’s the system, the leadership, or both.)

1) The best dogs are irreplaceable.

dog backpack

And so are great people. They are not expendable.

~ Get really good people in the RIGHT job for them. *No one succeeds long-term in the wrong position. (which means YOU need to find, screen and place or transfer them well)

~ Train and support them exceptionally well in business, and their life. (they are not neatly separated with walls as we would like to think)

~ And above all, encourage and affirm their strengths.We get a lot of negative. We need to know what IS working about what we are doing, which propels us to do that more.

Employees, partners or associates will be very loyal to you, as you create and maintain a healthy, positive business culture for them to thrive in.

Many Blessings,
sheli  G

Certified International Business, Leadership & Life Success Coach

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