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The Kiss of Networking Death

So I arrived at a great local networking gig.

I meet a cool guy. He is very personable, but not over the top. He seems self confident, but not an ego-maniac. We talked about the event, the now over recession, and how it truly offered most Americans a great opportunity to re-calibrate ourselves in our businesses and our lives. I was enjoying this very down to earth connection, and he had me genuinely curious about what business he was in….and then it happened.

bam bam

He gave me two business cards. Two cards from two totally different businesses. “HOLY CATFISH!” I thought. “That did NOT just happen….” But alas, it had.

Business networking/marketing yourself 101…. FAIL.

business cards too many

Then, it got worse. Not only did he give me two cards, the kiss of networking death, but they were not even remotely connected to one another! I won’t say what two businesses they were, in order to protect this poor guy from more tragedy. But two similar businesses would be: 1) I mow Lawns. 2) I also Custom Design Landscaping.

NOT similar businesses might be: 1) I am a Realtor by day and 2) a Tattoo Artist by night.

Why two business cards IS The Kiss of Networking Death

1) I just met you.

Listen- in that moment, I am trying to wrap my brain around all that I am learning about you, and what you do, and why I MIGHT possibly be interested. Your one business is as much as I can hope to metabolize. After all, I am surrounded with way interesting people, (Oh Shiny!) and I only have time to network with so many people before Cinderella’s ride turns all pumpkin- and I need to go. Two businesses??… and there it went. My head just exploded.


2) I don’t have time for your why.

You may have the absolute best reason in the world (or not) for the 2 or more businesses that you do, whether they are related or not. But I don’t have enough time to get your why, or be enrolled into all of that. That said, I personally have more than one stream of income, and more importantly, more than one tool in my tool-belt that I pull out to strategically help various companies and clients. But I only have one card. IF for some reason there is a great reason for two, only give one out at any given event, and pick your primary one, for the target market you are wanting to connect with at that event.

3) Most people will think you just cannot make one business successful.

It’s true, isn’t it? They will assume you have your irons in too many fires, and that you are the master of none. Again- this may not be true, but it’s an easy assumption to make when you don’t know someone.

People have short attention spans. People are quick to judge. (you have between 3-7 seconds before they make a judgement about you) And they need to resonate with your message, so they can identify why they need to align with you. The message needs to be crystal, pin-point clear. Don’t have a split personality business. Have a passion, and a clear intention. THAT is what will interest them to take and keep your ONE card, and hopefully YOU.

business cards cool

PS- If you are not super stoked about your cards when you are handing them out, get new ones. 🙂

sheli  G
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“It’s time to unleash the World Changer in YOU!” ~sheli G

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3 HUGE Sales Myths


Do you realize we are all salespeople?

You sell people on ideas. Selling is ENROLLING. Enrolling someone into for example; Where to eat for dinner. Where to donate money. What product to buy. This is also influencing. We are all influencers. Call it what you want. But we do enroll others into what we are into and passionate about. SO, what are YOU excited about, passionate about, and committed to? I have been enrolling others since I was a child. Chances are, you have too. I have sold: Avon, Pizza, Mortgage loans, Mexican Food, Services, Football, Insurance, God, Consulting, and hope. In other words, I have enrolled or influenced others into these things, and more.

Sales myths

1) “The sale begins with ‘NO’.”

This out-dated saying is supposed to prove the point; that just because someone says NO, doesn’t necessarily mean that they mean NO, or perhaps that the NO could convert to a big juicy YES at some point. And that is true.

However, I learned early on that the influencing (or repelling) begins at the point of origination, that is: their FIRST impression of you and/or your company.

From the first interaction you have with anyone, you are enrolling them into something. Your positive or otherwise viewpoints. Your beliefs. Your ideas. The sale, (or lack thereof) begins at first contact. So get honest feedback. Understand how you come across when others first meet you. Tweak what you need to so that your message can translate. *Good intentions alone don’t enroll. 

2) “I develop strong relationships, and I’m very influential. Therefore- “the close” is automatic.”
Wrong. LOL. That would be very cool but…

Great relationships, whether you are good at schmoozing, and/or whether you are good at deep, profound relationships, means you have a lot of friends. Does that mean your enrollments or closings are high? Not necessarily.

You deserve to always “ASK FOR THE CLOSE”. Call To Action baby. I don’t care how tight you are with that person (which may be just your perception too), and even if they are really interested, YOUR JOB is to ask for the sale, ask them to sign up, and close the deal. Most of them are waiting for you to do it! Now- some enrollers are great up until this point, and then they fade out of fear, poor training, or lack of experience. Until you feel like you are as strong of a CLOSER as you are an influential person- invest in some training. There are books, online courses, sales coaching (~yes I love to coach individuals and teams on sales, so a shameless plug here-

You can also bring a “closer” type person from your team, company or organization. Have them seal the deal, and you learn from a master closer. Split the commission, and the credit if that applies. *People that steal all the credit when others were paramount in the deal, lose influence faster than they gain sales.


3) “If I do an awesome job, they should automatically send me referrals!”
Once again, nope.

Guess who knows more people just like the one you just enrolled… Whether it’s a single mom, a family, a CEO, an investor… yes- THEY do! Guess who are the best enrollers out there… SOMEONE WHO HAS RECENTLY BEEN ENROLLED INTO SOMETHING THEMSELVES. Stats show they will enroll the majority of people they will ever enroll, within 30 days of signing up for something themselves. Why? They just signed up! They are fired up! They get it! They will see all those people they usually connect with, within 30 days! And they want company! 🙂 But, most often they won’t think to do it, unless you ask.

When I owned a mortgage brokerage company years ago, My top loan officer was Jay. Jay had a professional form that he took to ALL of his loan closings, where he asked them to bring their “little Black book” (now it’s their smartphone) And he had them right there, on the spot after the closing, fill out 5 warm referrals for him. They did it almost every time, because he WAS an amazing loan officer, very influential, and because he asked for them. Stop waiting. *He who asks, receives.

Many Blessings,
sheli  G
Master Certified Business Coach
World Changer Leadership & Success Coach
“It’s time to Level UP, and harness the World Changer in YOU!” ~sheli G

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What is the Lions Club?

I just didn’t really know, and I am embarrassed.

I had lunch with a very good friend this week, but one that I had not seen in far too long. Larry Locklear and I met years ago, when I was 26, at a dynamic community personal development class called Spectrum Trainings. Larry is one of the hardest working, most honest guys I have ever met. We were fast friends. I didn’t know Larry was Lion, or I just wasn’t paying attention.

Lions club 1

(Larry is on the Left)

Lions Clubs International is the world’s largest service club organization. They have 1.35+ million members in more than 46,000 clubs worldwide. Lions are everywhere. They’re men and women who are active in community projects in more than 207 countries and geographic areas. Lions have a dynamic history. Founded in 1917, they are best known for fighting blindness – it’s part of their history as well as their work today. But they also perform volunteer work for many different kinds of community projects – including caring for the environment, feeding the hungry, and aiding seniors and the disabled.

larry lion

So Larry and I are eating at Chili’s, having a great time, and he asks me about speaking at an upcoming Lions meeting. As I ask him questions to better understand the Lions, Larry is sharing stories, about the blind who now can see because of this group. About a family with kids who had NOTHING, and the Lion’s brought Christmas to their door. The tree, food, presents, and the love…the Lion’s delivered all of this. I don’t know every Lion, but I can speak for Larry. He doesn’t do it for the applause, and they rarely receive that. He doesn’t do it for an ego boost, or the networking that the Lions are also widely known for. (after all, where big hearts and big wallets meet, there are some incredible connections to be made)

With tears in his eyes, Larry chokes out, that those service experiences forever change him, each and every time. He does it with all joy, knowing that he is giving back what he can. He is giving back what he deeply feels is his responsibility, since he has been blessed.

He isn’t a millionaire. He isn’t so different than you and I, really. He works full time and has a family. But Larry is one stand up guy. He intentionally blocks out time to help the ones in the most need, one situation at a time, as often as possible.

That’s it, I thought. No one I know “has the time” anymore, for anything else, do they? Right now, we probably have more money available than time, if we really think about our jam-packed days. There is no more time left over. It is then truly a choice; to designate some of our time and talents, to give back to the needy, since we are blessed.

We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.
~Mother Teresa

If you choose, consider blocking out an hour to visit a local Lion’s Club group for lunch. Or go to lunch with a friend who is a member, and see what they are really about. Maybe you will find, like Larry, that in the giving of yourself to one in need, that you are forever changed, immeasurably.

Many Blessings,
sheli  G
Master Certified Business Coach
World Changer Leadership & Success Coach
“It’s time to Level UP, and harness the World Changer in YOU!” ~sheli G

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Control=Old School… Inspire them!

This is the most simple answer, to a common challenge for many leaders. I learned this one in my twenties, both in management positions, and in owning my first business.

You cannot control others. Period.

leadership style

Yes, you can nag them. Write them up. Fire them perhaps. Then start all over again. But at the end of the day, THEY CHOOSE. They decide if they are in or out. They decide if the organization’s message resonates enough with them to invest at a high level. They choose how hard, long and creatively they will work.

In my consultations with organizations, leaders and teams, I find that often Team Leaders will spin with frothy frustration over control tug-of-wars with their teams. Exhausting. Let’s get real; People don’t go to work because they want you to be proud of them. It’s not THEIR company or vision. (this is important for CEO’s who think everyone should think like them- it ain’t gonna happen) And they don’t care about their managers bonus, generally speaking. They are there for some internal and/or external reason of their own. Personal fulfillment. Bills to pay. This is the field they got a degree in. Or this is a step in the direction they are headed. Or because they love their job. Or they love the type of clients your company attracts… But they are not there to fulfill your ambitions as a team leader, or company owner/founder. Ambitions like: status, numbers, money, ego, power, market position, retirement, moving up the ladder etc.

That’s OK that they are there for themselves. You are there for yourself as well. It’s your dream, vision, calling or whatever. So- like your team, you are all there for personal reasons. fire

When I facilitate workshops, the same elements apply.

People show up. They show up for a reason. Those reasons differ. What they will all individually bring to the room dynamic is unique. What they will create, and take away from that space is unique! We aren’t robots, right? So then my job is NOT to control them, but rather to inspire them. (this is way more fun and NOT exhausting!)

SO- I create a safe, premium environment for the participants to do whatever work they came to do. But the majority of what I do, I create during the live process, with the team I am working with. I have my intentions beforehand of what I am hired to accomplish. And, how I get there totally depends on the participants! I move from my list of planned exercises, and adapt them to match the dynamics of the particular individuals or team. I base this on: their strengths, their attitudes, the time frame, the obstacles, the personalities, the intention of that particular workshop, and the biggest factor: What they would like to create or take away our time together. *I have them share this, early on in our sessions.

What do they want to create?

What THEIR intention is. That is their hot button, and how you can understand them. What motivates THEM? Remember, It may be very different from what motivates you. That’s OK, as long as they ARE motivated, right? When you understand them, you can then be an inspiration to help them fulfill that goal. Inspired individuals, teams and volunteers are happier and more fulfilled. Happier more fulfilled people produce more, produce quality, last longer, and make your life as a leader better.  But it doesn’t come from them having a copy of their job description. It doesn’t come from your companies expectations or demands. It comes from place inside of them, not just an external call to action anyone can deliver.

A team and the leader are in a co-creative process, hand in hand.

Neither one is more important, or more right. The leader is in that position, hopefully, because he or she has those strengths to help facilitate. But just as important are the strengths of the individuals on the team. Collectively the agenda is accomplished. The leader then, is more the funnel, creating the space and design for all to participate fully, and troubleshoot when things are not going in the direction that is valuable to all.

Friends was an American sitcom. The series was a huge hit, and is one of the most popular TV shows of all time.

Jennifer Aniston was arguably the most popular influencer or leader of the cast. But- without all the other cast mates, the show wouldn’t have been so ridiculously successful for so long. Think about that show without Phoebe, Ross or Chandler. This is true of the people that surround any leader. They are your co-stars. Your biggest assets. Your positive chemistry, and what you create with them is what will make your business or organization thrive.

If a leader or manager is looking for a lot of the glory, this is tough. As a leader- you should want your team getting that praise. They need to be the rock stars. Then they will produce more too. That is when a leader truly is great; when they teach others how to lead.


Many Blessings,
sheli  G
Master Certified Business Coach
World Changer Leadership & Success Coach
“It’s time to Level UP, and harness the World Changer in YOU!” ~sheli G

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Screw it Up.

Go ahead. Make mistakes. I do…a lot. It’s proof you are trying.

Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations.
~Steve Jobs

steve jobs hungry

I am over zealous at times. Or quick to brainstorm and try new things. Fast out of the shoot perhaps, with new ideas, propositions or positions. You don’t know until you GO, right? (nod yes here 🙂 )

Turn your wounds into wisdom.
~Oprah Winfrey

TV Oprah

So sometimes that means I will fail. Sometimes, I will EPIC fail, (in front of a crowd) causing some sort of mess to clean up. Miscommunications, different net results than were expected…and yes- even hurt feelings can occur when we put ourselves out there. Steve Jobs, Mother Teresa, Oprah, Billy Graham, Henry Ford… they all made their share of mistakes. They are skin and blood like you and I! This helped them find the right paths to success. And it can help you too.

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.
~Henry Ford

Henry Ford

Inventions, start ups, paying it forward, new systems, they all come from “crazy” initial ideas. People call it crazy because it hasn’t been done or seen before. Raw daydreams of what could be. What IS possible. The dreamers, the doers, the visionaries…they put themselves out there. So when you do that, a lot…you will have more chances to fail. BUT…

You will also have more chances to shine. Y E S!

To discover more talents and strengths. To meet more dynamic people to collaborate with in this journey. And there will be success. Lessons learned. Friends made for life. Ideas born of both the successes AND failures of yesterday, which become the staircase for tomorrows amazing moments. Those are built from the ground we lay today, one idea and a time, and one step of action and faith simultaneously.

Step out. Speak up. Make mistakes. Be yourself. Be your greatness. Own your blind spots. Evolve. CREATE.

We are not cisterns made for hoarding, we are channels made for sharing.
~Billy Graham

billy graham for something

If not you, then who?

If not now, then when?

I suggest YOU. I suggest NOW. SHINE.

Many Blessings,
sheli  G
Master Certified Business Coach
World Changer Leadership & Success Coach
“It’s time to Level UP, and harness the World Changer in YOU!” ~sheli G

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Mind Traffic Jams: 5 tips to help

red bull

LOL… OK I hope you did NOT put Red Bull in your coffee. It’s bad for you, all by itself!   🙂

But- if you are like me, you have days where you feel like this! Ah… the noise of a single mind. So many thoughts, ideas, fears, to-dos, visions…all ricocheting together. They collide and   sometimes explode, falling lifeless onto the proverbial ground. How can we implement some of what starts to be created in the expansiveness of the mind?

“It’s the world we live in. It’s the technology and information age on steroids. We are all victims of it…”

Really? Well- it may feel that way at times. But I believe that this very moment is yet another opportunity to look at where we are today, with all the information and a world that changes overnight, and ask ourselves: “What will work the best for me today, to keep me on track, and intentionally implement some of my ideas, and fulfill my top priorities?”

mind racing 1

Here are some simple daily tips I use.

1) Write it down. Like NOW.

Pull over. Write it down. It takes a minute or a few minutes at the most. But when that inspired, unique Blog idea, URL name, slogan, marketing idea, or great connection you must call…when those potentially Golden-nugget-thoughts come into your overloaded brain; for the love of all visions yet to manifest– WRITE IT DOWN. Don’t hope that you remember it later. (especially if you are past 40, just sayin.) Hope isn’t a good plan, and important things will get “lost” in the brain wave haze.

Write it on your laptop, smartphone, desktop, ipad…

Your iPhone can (depends on your settings) take your notes, organize them, and send them automatically to your email. Shazam!

mind iphone note

2) Voice record it. NOW.

Same idea, only it’s got sound. The iPhone can record you quickly via “Voice Memos”.

I am a Motivational Speaker and a song Writer/Singer, so sometimes it’s not just text ideas that I want to record, but the way I say something, or the specific melody/music to it. I can also email or message those voice memos. It’s perfect to turn on and record while I drive- (no texting) Then when I arrive, I can send the memo to someone, including me 🙂 You can delete them easily, and you are not killing trees with random sticky notes. Want a speaking gig, but don’t have a relevant clip to send? Short on time? Record an amazing short clip on the target market’s hot button, and text or email it. This will do more to land that gig than a resume will. I’m sure there are comparable aps on other smartphones as well.


3) Vid that idea. ASAP.

Youtube is powerful social media. 90% of the population watch at least 1 video per day, more than 50% of those are on YouTube. If you are speaking to Millennials at all, they watch videos way more than they check out text. So record your elevator pitch. Record your tips, ideas, and epiphanies. Got a killer blog post? Make it a vid. What is your special message to the world? Start making a video journal of what you are working on weekly. If you can, do one per day. 1 minute to 20 minutes… pack them with mega value, super current information, and your passion. People don’t just buy new, unheard of products anymore. They know Nike already- so they will buy that. But what are you selling? How is it clearly differentiated from your competition? Or is your message drowning in all the social media, blogging and website buzz out there. Your audience needs a face and an authentic personality behind the brand to see if that brand vibes with them.

4) Prioritize.

At the beginning of the day, look at your notes, emails, lists, calenders, recordings. Prioritize with the most urgent and/or fabulous ideas and to-dos first.

At the end of the day, take a quick inventory again : 1) what got done and 2) what is FIRST on the list tomorrow. Some people spend more time worrying about what needs to be done than just doing. Don’t worry, just intentionally set up your day with the highest needs first. Give yourself grace on what didn’t get done. Then, do some intentional goal setting for the next day or the day of. Do what you can, where you are with what you have. That is all we can do, and it is enough. If it really isn’t enough, it may be time to let some tasks, people, places and things go so you are not so overwhelmed. Do what you can commit to and do well. Quality of life outweighs quantity of to-dos every time.

5) Eat the Frog.

Start by “Eating the the Frog”. The Frog is the hard thing to do. A crappy call you have to make? Do it out of the gate before the day gets you and the excuses mount. Bills to pay? Knock those out first thing. Blogging needs to be done? Do it while you are fresh. Block out alone time if you need that. Anniversary gift? Make this high on the list, or delegate it out if you know you suck at getting this done and/or don’t have time…. but do have an assistant. YOU know YOU best. What do you need to do to get your top priorities done really well, and keep your head on throughout the day? What can you do to support yourself in manifesting your dreams, goals and plans? Only you can control your day. That may include setting boundaries, like “Closed Door Meetings” with yourself, to tackle those things that you cannot be interrupted while during. Stuff happens and throws the day off, but we don’t have to do that to ourselves by letting the chaos of any given day just happen to us. Manage what you can. This will leave you more patience and energy for the surprise moments where unannounced chaos meets you.

mind racing 2

No more wondering what that great song was that you wanted to download! No more thinking of a fab blog idea, then getting to your computer and going totally bloggersblock-blank. No more things rattling aimlessly around in your head all day, only for you to lay your head on the pillow at night and say; “Did I get one thing completely done today, or start anything I really wanted to?”

Taking steps every day towards our many goals and priorities is the way most successful people get anything done. Don’t be a victim of brain traffic anymore. Don’t beat yourself up for under-performance. Harness your incredible, brilliant brain power and ideas. You are in control of your day, as you choose and plan to be.

sheli  G
Master Certified Business Coach
World Changer Leadership & Success Coach
“It’s time to Level UP, and harness the World Changer in YOU!” ~sheli G

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