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Destiny 2014

What is a Transformational, Experiential workshop?

Is that just a fancy sounding motivational seminar? Yes. And- No.  It’s a phenomenal hybrid.

Decades ago, “Personal Development Land” as I lovingly call it, was born. It was a place where people stopped the daily routine and mania. They took an intentional seat to listen to dynamic facilitators give new perspectives on living, collaborating and being. They participated in fascinating, illuminating processes- designed to make you think, notice, stretch and grow. These processes successfully cause significant, tangible, and long term change for the willing participants.


This growth phenomenon caught on, and has evolved over the years. Development draws people in from all walks, professions, pasts, religions and race. It is what the leaders of today just DO. It is today’s advanced personal and professional degree. It is necessary, in order to go where the real influencers in 2014 intend to go.

We have enjoyed our inspirational/motivational seminars over the years… Zig Ziglar. Les Brown. Anthony Robbins. John Maxwell. Jim Rohn… many more. They were and some still are incredible speakers and facilitators. The dominant personalities in this genre have been mostly men. I have personally been mentored by Zig, Les and John, and those are some incredible highlights in my own journey.

Women- it’s our TIME.


Of course, anyone in business, sales, network marketing or Corporate America have done their share of business seminars and classes. Some were epic. Some were…..yawn.

Today– we are all on the move at a rapid rate We don’t compartmentalize things anymore. We don’t have time. And, perhaps we realize our lives are a complex combination of it ALL: Business, Personal, Relational, Financial, Spiritual, Mental, Physical etc.

Welcome to the new model of Transformation. “Destiny 2014”. A Mastermind-Workshop-Motivational-Challenging-Inspirational-Community-Intensive series in July for women. Whew! 🙂

Women who are ready to IGNITE their businesses and their lives to a whole new paradigm of abundance and real, sustainable growth.

Women who are done with average.

Women who know that to scale at significant rates, you must do what few accept the challenge of doing.

Women who are clear that the “360 perspective” is the only current model producing growth at the rate and level they desire.

Women like you.







Time is precious, urgent, and your important message deserves a broader audience. ~sheli G

The Dates: July 25-27

The Times: Fri 6:30-10, Fri & Sat 8-5:30pm

The Cost: $195

The What: A Transformational Workshop Series to scale you at exponential rates with the sessions, strategic homework and assignments in between, and a community of seekers, like you.

Contact me for details:

About the Facilitators…

Dr. Frank White


Frank White, MBA, PhD, Forum Certified Master Coach and Trainer, Founding member of IMPACT an international Association of Coaches, Consultants and Trainers Frank White is a nationally acclaimed speaker, business & executive success coach, management consultant, sales and leadership trainer and motivational expert. During his successful corporate career Frank was responsible for the development of five national and regional retail chains and served as President and CEO of four, where he was responsible for the opening of 450+ retail operations. He founded F.A. White & Associates in San Francisco Ca. in 1985 and has gone on to train and coach 1000’s of business executives and leaders and has delivered sales and sales management training and development programs to 1000’s of top sales leaders nationally and throughout Asia. He is a highly sought after speaker, trainer and coach. He is currently the president of F.A. White & Associates and Frank White International.

sheli G  CILC | CMC | CEBC


International Speaker, Master Certified Business Coach, World Changer Leadership & Life Mastery Coach. Sheli Gartman is the founder of sheli G Business and World Changer Leadership Coaching.

Sheli travels the globe specializing in E.T.E. Experiential Transformational Education is a hands on method that produces profound discovery & dynamic human development, igniting Entrepreneurs, Individuals and Companies to achieve their highest potentiality and true calling. Sheli G has worked for more than twenty years with large Corporations, Small Businesses, Community events, Non-Profits, and individuals who are seeking to maximize their reach. Sheli G is among the internationally acclaimed  professionals who are the WORLD CHANGERS in the Transformational Business and Personal Expansion arena. She considers it a true honor to put her authenticity, extensive experience and passion to work for you. Sheli is married to Steve and they have three miraculous children.

Many Blessings,
CEO Women Ignite Idaho Conference and Trade Show
International Speaker
Master Certified Business Coach
World Changer Leadership & Life Mastery Coach
“It’s time to ignite the World Changer in YOU!” ~sheli G

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