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The collaborators behind Women Ignite Idaho are so excited to bring you an amazable opportunity; Get YOUR 1-4 video minute message out, and maybe, get on the big stage at the 2016 Women Ignite Idaho Conference, Oct 21-22 in downtown, Boise.

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WI get 100’s of requests each year to speak at the annual conference. It’s truly a wonderful problem to have! But we know, there are thousands, maybe millions of messages out there in the hearts, minds, experiences, ideas and stories of women. Here is a way we can share some incredible messages online, and lift up at least one or more mini message at our annual conference, too. 

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You see, WI are just like you…passionate. Driven. Called. And we truly want to make a big difference, in our communities, and in the world! But we get it. We cannot do it alone. And neither can you. 

So when you hear yourself going off, compassionately, about your cause. Your mission. Your idea. Your story, poem or dream, get our your cell phone, or have a friend video you. Then, simply send it to Women Ignite Idaho, at this link:

OR email us at: Please include your name and best email too.

That’s it! If you win, we can either play your message on the big stage, on our huge twin screens, OR if you like, you can do it live. The WI Team will vote on all the messages received, to decide which ones to share on social. *No profanity please, and because social media includes children, please plan accordingly. Thank you!

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Please share this with someone who you know that has a message that deserves to be heard! Like, comment and connect with us. And remember, Their ceiling. Your floor.


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