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Mind Traffic Jams: 5 tips to help

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LOL… OK I hope you did NOT put Red Bull in your coffee. It’s bad for you, all by itself!   🙂

But- if you are like me, you have days where you feel like this! Ah… the noise of a single mind. So many thoughts, ideas, fears, to-dos, visions…all ricocheting together. They collide and   sometimes explode, falling lifeless onto the proverbial ground. How can we implement some of what starts to be created in the expansiveness of the mind?

“It’s the world we live in. It’s the technology and information age on steroids. We are all victims of it…”

Really? Well- it may feel that way at times. But I believe that this very moment is yet another opportunity to look at where we are today, with all the information and a world that changes overnight, and ask ourselves: “What will work the best for me today, to keep me on track, and intentionally implement some of my ideas, and fulfill my top priorities?”

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Here are some simple daily tips I use.

1) Write it down. Like NOW.

Pull over. Write it down. It takes a minute or a few minutes at the most. But when that inspired, unique Blog idea, URL name, slogan, marketing idea, or great connection you must call…when those potentially Golden-nugget-thoughts come into your overloaded brain; for the love of all visions yet to manifest– WRITE IT DOWN. Don’t hope that you remember it later. (especially if you are past 40, just sayin.) Hope isn’t a good plan, and important things will get “lost” in the brain wave haze.

Write it on your laptop, smartphone, desktop, ipad…

Your iPhone can (depends on your settings) take your notes, organize them, and send them automatically to your email. Shazam!

mind iphone note

2) Voice record it. NOW.

Same idea, only it’s got sound. The iPhone can record you quickly via “Voice Memos”.

I am a Motivational Speaker and a song Writer/Singer, so sometimes it’s not just text ideas that I want to record, but the way I say something, or the specific melody/music to it. I can also email or message those voice memos. It’s perfect to turn on and record while I drive- (no texting) Then when I arrive, I can send the memo to someone, including me 🙂 You can delete them easily, and you are not killing trees with random sticky notes. Want a speaking gig, but don’t have a relevant clip to send? Short on time? Record an amazing short clip on the target market’s hot button, and text or email it. This will do more to land that gig than a resume will. I’m sure there are comparable aps on other smartphones as well.


3) Vid that idea. ASAP.

Youtube is powerful social media. 90% of the population watch at least 1 video per day, more than 50% of those are on YouTube. If you are speaking to Millennials at all, they watch videos way more than they check out text. So record your elevator pitch. Record your tips, ideas, and epiphanies. Got a killer blog post? Make it a vid. What is your special message to the world? Start making a video journal of what you are working on weekly. If you can, do one per day. 1 minute to 20 minutes… pack them with mega value, super current information, and your passion. People don’t just buy new, unheard of products anymore. They know Nike already- so they will buy that. But what are you selling? How is it clearly differentiated from your competition? Or is your message drowning in all the social media, blogging and website buzz out there. Your audience needs a face and an authentic personality behind the brand to see if that brand vibes with them.

4) Prioritize.

At the beginning of the day, look at your notes, emails, lists, calenders, recordings. Prioritize with the most urgent and/or fabulous ideas and to-dos first.

At the end of the day, take a quick inventory again : 1) what got done and 2) what is FIRST on the list tomorrow. Some people spend more time worrying about what needs to be done than just doing. Don’t worry, just intentionally set up your day with the highest needs first. Give yourself grace on what didn’t get done. Then, do some intentional goal setting for the next day or the day of. Do what you can, where you are with what you have. That is all we can do, and it is enough. If it really isn’t enough, it may be time to let some tasks, people, places and things go so you are not so overwhelmed. Do what you can commit to and do well. Quality of life outweighs quantity of to-dos every time.

5) Eat the Frog.

Start by “Eating the the Frog”. The Frog is the hard thing to do. A crappy call you have to make? Do it out of the gate before the day gets you and the excuses mount. Bills to pay? Knock those out first thing. Blogging needs to be done? Do it while you are fresh. Block out alone time if you need that. Anniversary gift? Make this high on the list, or delegate it out if you know you suck at getting this done and/or don’t have time…. but do have an assistant. YOU know YOU best. What do you need to do to get your top priorities done really well, and keep your head on throughout the day? What can you do to support yourself in manifesting your dreams, goals and plans? Only you can control your day. That may include setting boundaries, like “Closed Door Meetings” with yourself, to tackle those things that you cannot be interrupted while during. Stuff happens and throws the day off, but we don’t have to do that to ourselves by letting the chaos of any given day just happen to us. Manage what you can. This will leave you more patience and energy for the surprise moments where unannounced chaos meets you.

mind racing 2

No more wondering what that great song was that you wanted to download! No more thinking of a fab blog idea, then getting to your computer and going totally bloggersblock-blank. No more things rattling aimlessly around in your head all day, only for you to lay your head on the pillow at night and say; “Did I get one thing completely done today, or start anything I really wanted to?”

Taking steps every day towards our many goals and priorities is the way most successful people get anything done. Don’t be a victim of brain traffic anymore. Don’t beat yourself up for under-performance. Harness your incredible, brilliant brain power and ideas. You are in control of your day, as you choose and plan to be.

sheli  G
Master Certified Business Coach
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“It’s time to Level UP, and harness the World Changer in YOU!” ~sheli G

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